What is Squint?

Squint is a common name used for the medical eye condition strabismus that affects people of all age groups but are particularly prevalent in children. Overall life quality and vision of a person are impacted due to this condition. Continue reading this article to know more about squint: causes, symptoms and treatment available.
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What are the causes of squint (strabismus)?

Now that we know about squint, it is also important to know about its causes which are mentioned below:

  1. Muscle Imbalance: Eye muscles control the eye movements. Imbalance in the eye muscles is one of the common causes of Squint in children.
  2. Family History: Children with a family history of Squint may be at risk of getting this medical condition. Genes transfer is yet another common cause of Squint in children.
  3. Refractive Errors: Refractive errors like near-sightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism if left untreated can cause Squint.
  4. Neurological Conditions: In some cases, certain neurological conditions or injuries can cause issues in the eye muscles leading to Squint.

What are the symptoms of squint?

  1. The eyes are misaligned which restricts patients from looking straight into an object.
  2. Uncoordinated movement of eyes.
  3. The eyes are constantly fatigued due to uncomfortable vision leading to migraine issues and eye strain.
  4. Limited depth perception leads to a stumbling gait.
  5. If untreated for a long time, leads to blindness in the defective eye, known as amblyopia.

What are the different types of squint eye?

As per the literature, the squint eye is categorized into 3 types:

  1. Pseudostrabismus or apparent squint: In this, eyes appear to be squinted but in reality, they are not.
  2. Latent squint (Heterophoria): In this condition, eyes are misaligned when not being used.
  3. Manifest squint (Heterotopia): Consistent deviation from the source of fixation, even when being used.

Other types of squint include convergent squint, divergent squint, paralytic squint, intermittent and constant squint.

How to prevent squint eyes?

Early detection of squint is the mainstay for prevention of further complications. Eye exercises, lifestyle changes, vitamin supplements, and glass protection are some simple means to reduce the morbidities caused by squint.

What are the available treatment options for squint eye?

There are squint eye treatments for adults and children available depending on the severity and any other causes. Some of them are:

  1. Glasses: Glasses with power can help to correct refractive errors that can help to alleviate the squint.
  2. Eye Exercises: Sometimes if the case is mild then certain eye exercises can help to strengthen eye muscles that improves alignment. This can ultimately treat Squint.
  3. Surgery: In severe cases, the doctors may recommend surgical intervention to correct muscle imbalance and align the eyes properly.

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Squint eye treatment in child

Mostly, the defective eye also known as the Lazy eye is treated with the use of an eye patch on the normal eye so that the lazy eye does the work. If your child has a lazy eye as a result of their squint it may need to be treated first.
Treatment for a lazy eye usually involves wearing a patch over the unaffected eye to help improve vision in the affected eye.
Glasses are prescribed to overcome the refractive errors.
Eye exercises for the muscles that control eye movements can sometimes help the eyes work together better.
If the misalignment is not treated effectively via non-surgical measures, the surgery is the last option.
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Recommended test for squint for adults and children

Squint is diagnosed via ophthalmoscope and torchlight. Generally, 4 tests are used: The light reflex tests, the cover tests, the uncover tests, and the red reflex tests.

What do you mean by Squint or Strabismus?

Strabismus commonly known as Squint is an eye condition due to which the eyes of the person suffering do not align properly. One eye may turn in a different direction while the other focuses on a particular object. This condition can range from mild to severe and constant to intermittent from person to person.

What is the impact of squint on vision?

Squint is a medical condition that should be treated timely otherwise it can cause various other problems such as double vision or amblyopia. In a double vision condition, the misaligned eye receives a different image than the properly aligned eye.
Eventually, after a time, if the squint eye treatment is not done then the brain starts ignoring the images of the misaligned eye which leads to another condition called “lazy eyes” or amblyopia. Again, if this is not treated on time may cause permanent vision loss in patients.

How can vision problems be prevented?

Early detection of any vision problem is necessary to get accurate treatment so that any further damage can be prevented.

What is the emotional impact on the patient?

Squint can not only cause physical inconvenience but it also harms the self-esteem of the people suffering from it. It can become a barrier for social interactions due to lack of confidence especially in teens and children. If treated early, it can help children's vision and emotional well-being.

How can Squint be prevented through education?

Parents and caregivers need to know the medical condition and risk of strabismus so that they can diagnose it early in children or adults through regular eye checkups and manage these problems appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a squint eye be corrected?

Yes, squint eye is completely treatable. The earlier the diagnosis, the better the prognosis of the treatment.

What is the medical term for squinting?

Strabismus is the medical term for squinting.

What does it mean to be squint?

A person suffering from squint cannot look straight in one direction via both eyes.

How can I fix squint eyes naturally?

It is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist before taking up any treatment for squint. Various non-surgical treatments are available in medical sciences for the treatment of squint, such as eye exercises, Botox injections, and glasses.

What is the age limit for squint surgery?

Although surgical treatments for squint can be done at any point in a patient's lifetime. However, the literature recommends 6 years as the earliest age for squint surgery but it's best to consult with your ophthalmologist to know the exact squint surgery age limit.

Is squint curable without surgery?

Minor misalignment and refractive errors can be cured with eye exercises and other non-surgical treatment options but only up to a certain age. As the age progresses, flexibility of muscles decreases and so does their ability to realign.

At what age is baby squint cured?

Newborn babies show minor signs of strabismus until they are 5-6 months old.

Risk and Precaution after squint surgery?

Squint surgeries usually carry a risk of the need for another revision surgery.
Since it's an invasive procedure, risk of pus, abscess, and infection is very common. Permanent double vision, itchy eyes, eye muscle displacement, and loss of vision are also seen, although rarely.
Precautions after squint surgery include avoiding swimming in chlorinated water, driving, using shampoo and shops on face and hair, and limiting screen time.

What is the best treatment for squint?

Treatment for squint depends on the severity of the case. Therefore, it varies from patient to patient.

Is squint eye surgery 100% successful?

The prognosis of a squint surgery is decided based on the degree of eye disability, age, and health conditions of the patient. However, usually, the success rates of squint surgery are very high.

Is squint surgery painful?

It is usually done under general anesthesia, so it's a painless experience. However, post-operative discomfort is usually felt by patients which can be easily managed by painkillers, antibiotics, and regular follow-up with the doctor.

What is the cost of squint surgery?

Squint surgery is a day-care procedure. The cost of squint surgery depends on the type of procedure, hospital, health insurance coverage plan, and specific services.
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