As we all know, cataracts and squints are two different eye conditions. However, many people ask if cataract surgery can be performed on a squint patient. The answer is yes, but it's important to understand that these two conditions are not directly related and require different treatments. In some cases, especially in children, a cataract in one eye can cause the development of a squint due to vision loss. Cataract surgery can help correct the squint in such cases. Here are three scenarios that explain when and how cataract surgery is performed on a squint patient.

Three scenarios to consider cataract surgery for squint patients, they are;

In the first part of the treatment, when a patient have both cataract and squint, the cataract is the first to be treated. Vision gradually improves from the cataract surgery, and eventually, the squint starts correcting by itself along with it. Consult our eye specialist in Nizampet, and know about the best squint surgery in Kukatpally.

In the second part, when a patient has squint from the very beginning. Now that they are affected with cataracts along with the age. In that case, there is nothing to be worried at all, it will always be a cataract surgery and later the squint surgery, as there won't be any problem if it is done this way. The problem only occurs when the patient plans to go with the squint surgery without clearing the cataract, as it makes it more difficult to get the measurement and degree of the squint during the surgery. This is the second case scenario. Consult the best ophthalmologist in Nizampet for further guidance on treatment and consultation.

In the third or last case scenario, if the patient do not have any squint till now, and are affected with a severe cataract and developed a squint lately, and in the end scared and worried about the age factor that they are around 60yrs, will I be able to get a cataract surgery? So, when they develop a severe cataract over a very long period, and due to loss of vision, it is common to develop a temporary squint. The person need not to worry about deciding which surgery to get first. No matter how severe the cataract can be, it is important to get a cataract surgery first, because the squint will be corrected gradually once the vision is back and won't cause any problem. Consult our Best cataract surgeon in Hyderabad


Finally, in conclusion, it is important not to be concerned about having a squint and getting cataract surgery. Getting it treated can improve squint and make it easier for treatment and measurement as well. If you and your family have any further queries regarding this, consult our best doctor Dr. Krishna Poojitha from Pixel Eye Hospital for further guidance and treatment.