Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

It might not be a term as common as cataract, but people whose parents or someone they know have had this, would have heard about it. So, what exactly is age related macular degeneration, lets dwell deep into it in this article. Our eyes are made up of several layers and the last layer or the layer present in the back most part of the eye is called Retina. It is a nervous tissue and from here the optic nerve sends signal to the brain where the image is formed.

Weakness in the retinal tissue which is the cause behind age related macular degeneration occurs when there is a nutritional deficiency or if it runs in the family (hereditary), in such situations, avoiding it might not be possible.

The layer behind the retina is called choroid, which consists of a whole lot of blood vessels. And between the retina and the choroid, there lies another layer called the retinal pigment epithelium. Once the weakening of this epithelium layer begins, the blood vessels from choroid move into the retina and start to bleed there. This is the process of age related macular degeneration. The initial phase of weakening of the retinal pigment epithelium is called early age related macular degeneration or dry age related macular degeneration.

The symptoms and treatment options can be broken down based on the phase in which they have been identified.

Initial Phase : During the initial stages of this disorder, there might not be any noticeable symptoms, and they are only identified incidentally or diagnosed during routine eye check-ups. Once the eye doctor, or ophthalmologist in Miyapur identifies age related macular degeneration in this stage, it is usually due to nutritional deficiencies which can be handled by giving the required supplements and medications to overcome it. This also helps prevent the further progression of the disease.

The next phase or on the progression of the disorder, the symptom most clearly noticed is called metamorphopsia, this is a clear distortion of the image being viewed. For example, a straight line might appear curvy, a round shape might seem oval, etc. Metamorphopsia is the stage when the blood vessels have just started encroaching into the retina and on noticing the signs of haziness in vision, it is better to immediately consult best ophthalmologist near JNTU at eye hospital in KPHB, who can help start the treatment which can help you get back your vision completely.

Next stage is when the blood vessels start leaking into the retina, this is called choroidal neovascular membrane. The major sign of this stage of degeneration is a drop in vision which is quite significant. Even for this stage, on immediate consultation with eye care doctors in Pragathi nagar, they can help treat it with the help of certain injections, these injections aim to help the blood vessels retract back into their right position. The number of injections a person might need depends on many factors and need not be same for everyone. However, a significant increase of vision can be noticed after this treatment.

When the disorder progresses beyond the above choroidal neovascular membrane, scaring begins, once scars are formed, an exponential loss in vision is noticeable and at this point, no amount of injections or treatment can help benefit your vision.

What can you do to help prevent Age related macular degeneration ?

In case there is a family history of AMD or if you are above 40 years of age, yearly eye check ups are highly recommended. This helps detect the initial phase of AMD when it starts. Once diagnosed with AMD, strict adherence to treatment prescribed is mandatory and also frequent eye checks are needed to help monitor the progress (if any) of the disease. Also, another activity which can help monitor AMD is Amsler Grid Charting.

In Amsler Grid Charting, a chart is provided, consisting of a group of straight lines. Every day, patient is advised to look at this chart by closing one eye and then closing the other eye alternatively. If and when the lines start appearing curvy or hazy, this indicates that the disorder is progressing and therefore calls for immediate consultation with eye doctors in Nizampet. Amsler Grid Charting is an excellent method to help a track of age related macular degeneration’s progress.

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