Firstly, let us discuss a small misconception. Dr. Abdul Rasheed from Pixel Eye Hospital mentions that many of his patients with squints are afraid to get the surgery, believing that it may cause vision loss and therefore not willing to go through the treatment.

Things to keep in mind;

Firstly, squint treatment is not always about the surgery, there are multiple modalities in the squint treatment. Patients might as well get affected by squint when they are using high-power glasses, in this case, squint doctor in Hydernagar provides you the glasses for treating squints.

In some cases, the doctor of squint treatment in Nizampet asks the patient to learn a few exercises, which helps in correcting the squint effortlessly. In most cases, only some people require squint surgery. It's important to note that surgery is typically performed on the outer layers of the eye and not inside of it. The outer layer of the eye has six muscles that aid in the movement of the eyes such as looking upward, downward, and sideways, and these muscles help in directing both eyes. If there's a problem with the movement of the muscles, it can result in a squint. However, Dr. Krishna Poojitha one of the Best eye squint surgery KPHB says that, surgery is not required internally as it only helps in readjusting the outward muscles. This operation has almost a 0% chance of causing vision loss unless the person is exposed to infection or complications, in which there's still only a slight chance of vision loss.

On the day of the operation or after the surgery, the patient might experience blurry vision that may be because of anesthesia given by the doctor. Patients might as well experience redness and watery eyes can cause a 10% vision loss for a couple of days, but the patient will be fine after 3 to 4 days. Squint surgery does not usually involve any such procedures, which can lead to vision loss.

If parents are considering to get squint surgery for their children, this blog can help them understand the procedures, benefits, and risk factors involved. Ignoring the need for squint surgery could lead to Amblyopia, which can cause permanent vision loss in the future.

A top squint surgeon in Hyderabad has stated that for adults who are fearful of undergoing a squint surgery, the procedure is actually very safe. Avoiding the surgery can lead to serious complications, so it is highly recommended to have the surgery performed. When the surgery is performed carefully, it only has benefits and no drawbacks. Consult eye hospital in Hyderabad, for further consultation and treatment on squint correction surgery Kukatpally.