Reason Beyond Blurriness, Navigating Your Options for Cataract Relief

Cataracts is a medical issue that affects the lens of the eye. The lens is a clear and flexible structure that is mostly made up of proteins that breaks down as one gets older. This forms cloudy patches that is called cataract. This blurs the vision and overtime one finds doing daily activities tough. Cataract surgeon in Hyderabad can perform surgery to correct the vision by removing cataracts. There are many types of cataracts that are treated by
Dr. Krishna Poojita - eye doctors in Jubilee hills like:

  1. Pediatric cataracts
  2. Traumatic cataracts
  3. Secondary cataracts
  4. Nuclear sclerotic cataract
  5. Cortical cataract
  6. Posterior subcapsular cataract

Usually cataract starts at the age of 40 but the symptoms only reveal around 60. Some medical conditions like diabetes may escalate the symptoms sooner. Cataracts are very common worldwide.

Best ophthalmologist in KPHB Coloney have been treating patients with cataract for a long time and have studied the cause of cataract. The main cause is usually breakdown of proteins but sometimes it also depends on genetics and environmental factors as well.

Symptoms of cataracts

Best cataract surgeon in Kukatpally has diagnosed many symptoms of cataract in people:

  1. Difficulty to see at night
  2. Cloudy/blurry/foggy vision
  3. Seeing faded colors
  4. Worsened near-sightedness
  5. Double vision
  6. Difficulty to read in dim light

If you notice any symptoms then consult the doctors at Pixel Eye Hospital.

Cataracts can be diagnosed by one of the leading ophthalmologists, Dr. Abdul Rasheed through a comprehensive eye exam looking for any signs of severity. There are specific tests like slit lamp exam and visual acuity test that the optometrists use to diagnose the type and severity of cataract.

Top eye doctors in hitec city perform surgery to remove cataract from the eyes to restore the vision. As of now, surgery is the only option to treat cataract and it is also very safe. Sometimes there may be an underlying disease that can complicate the surgery but other than that it is convenient and safe. After the surgery, the patient may suffer from mild pain and discomfort but a pain reliever prescribed by the doctor can give relief.