We have all heard about squint and we know what it is. But one of the most important questions surrounding squint is that can it be corrected in children non surgically or will the children outgrow it as they age. As Squint surgeon, Dr. Abdul Rasheed mentions that this is one of the most commonly encountered questions from parents. Below article hopes to shed some light on this very point.

Firstly, it is important to understand why kids get squint, it could be due to various reasons such as

  1. Refractive error (glasses power)
  2. Retina problems
  3. Tumor
  4. Muscle power deficiency or insufficiency
  5. Unexplained causes

In case of Hyperopia (high plus power of glasses) in children, that is if the plus power is very high, children start starring their eyes to focus more on the object and this can cause the eyes to turn inwards. This is called Accommodative esotropia. In these cases, giving proper glasses with the right power can help solve the issue. There could be situations where the power in one eye is higher than that of the other and therefore the brain by default uses the eye which is having lesser glasses power to view an object, overtime this causes the other eye to squint. The first step of treatment in children with squint is prescribing the right glasses power to improve vision which can therefore correct the squint as well.

The other type of squint which is also seen commonly is called intermittent divergent squint. In this type, parents usually report saying that the eyes of their children sometimes turn outwards and other times appear straight, a sort of occasional squint. This occurs due to muscle power insufficiency or convergence insufficiency. In these cases, convergence exercises or vision therapy, a new modality of treatment used nowadays, can help people suffering with intermittent divergent squint due to convergence insufficiency with good results and can be managed non surgically.

Other reasons for occurrence of squint might need surgery for correction and it is better to get it corrected without delay when the children are young. In the event that these issues are not corrected, it can cause permanent vision problems and can also give rise to suboptimal binocular vision and can also cause a deficit in depth perspective.

Squint eye treatment can only be suggested after a thorough evaluation by doctor, you would definitely need to consult a squint specialist or ophthalmologist to review and understand the condition. Do not let the word surgery scare you, if required you can consult for second option or third before making an informed decision.

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